How is Hubflx different?

That's really the question you're asking.

contractorplansMany companies have some kind of system to put business websites on the Internet. Some might say that a professional presence is vital, and being able to easily maintain your website is of the utmost important - I couldn't agree more!

However, being techy is one thing, and having an eye for design is certainly important. But one thing the developer of Hubflx brings to the table is a vast experience of knowledge, and even more important, a true understanding of what customer service means.

Hubflx prides itself on knowing our business model is based on a tried and tested approach to building an online presence for it's customers. The do-it-yourself systems will continue to produce unprofessional looking websites because most business owners are not skilled in designing websites - nor do they want to be. Do they even have time?

momanddaughtercomputerThat's where you come in as a reseller. You have the ability to control the outcome of your clients websites design and initial content.

And Hubflx CMS is very powerful in a number of areas.

  • Built with the latest technology for today's demanding site builders
  • Update feature so your clients sites never go out of date
  • Built-in Word Press Blog for the CMS's blogging platform
  • Numerous options, we call Stratagems like popups, redirect systems and more
  • Option for multiple websites from one Install. Sub domains or top level domains
  • And most important, Hubflx can be viewed on any device

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Below is an example of how Hubflx allows you to edit your content and then view the website on multiple devices within the editor.